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At embryonic stages, Olig3 is initially expressed in the dorsal-most region of the spinal cord, but later in the ventral marginal zone as well. Previous studies indicated that Olig3 controlled the patterning of dorsal spinal cord and loss of Olig3 function led to the Cheap Moncler Jackets Uk re-specification of dI2 and Cheap Moncler Tracksuit dI3 neurons into dI4 interneurons. However, the role of Olig3 in regulating the development of ventral spinal cord has remained unknown. BrdU labeling demonstrated that ventral Olig3 was expressed in the post-mitotic neurons and Olig3+ cells seen at late embryonic stages were born at the earlier stage but remained in the marginal zone throughout embryogenesis. Loss-of-function and gain-of-function experiment indicated that Nkx2.2 regulated the expression of Olig3 in V3 interneurons. However, Olig3 mutation didn't apparently affect the generation and migration of ventral neurons. These findings suggest that Olig3 plays different roles in regulating the development of dorsal and ventral spinal cord.


Mickle Trafford Manor

The Manor ~ Mickle Trafford ~ Chester ~ CH2 4EA
A bed & Breakfast of exceptional character, charm and comfort
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